Working since 2016


MIRRDO was founded in the year 2016 by a group of Somali Youth intellectuals who came together after realizing the high demand for humanitarian needs for this community. At the time, the Somali community especially south-central community was affected by inter-ethnic conflicts and prolonged drought that led to poor standards of living. So many questions arose unto the cause of these problems and what measures could be taken to mitigate these issues. After long periods of deliberation and consultation, it became clear that the root cause of the issues affecting the Somali people was more psychological than physical. For there to be true peace and prosperity in the nation, the people needed to change their way of thinking and become positive and confident in their ability to succeed and live in prosperity For this purpose, MIRRDO was formed with the sole intention of inspiring its people and challenging them to take up new ways and methods of doing things so as to experience a positive change and difference in their lives.


Our Vision

MIRRDO visualizes a society that is poverty free, socially and economically stable, self-reliant and conscious about basic rights and human dignity MIRRDO connects with the Community’s desire for peace and stability. It recognizes that this takes time and a need to consistently collaborate with key stake holders of the community. MIRRDO works hand in hand with community leaders and donor agencies in addressing the needs of the community so as to achieve this dream.


Our Mission

We endeavor on Improving health and living standards of IDPs in the regions

Core Values

Core Values

The following are the core values that drives our Organization:

Honesty, Integrity, Trust, Collaboration, Harmonization


Our Approach

MIRRDO employs various techniques in improving the lives of the community. This includes having a staff that is well adapted to dealing with community persons in various situations. MIRRDO conducts a community entry level approach whereby it brings on board to the project at hand all concerned parties which include professionals, stake-holders and Local leaders, UN agencies, Diaspora and other surrounding communities.


Our Organization prides in a high staff knowledge capacity, situational preparedness and planning activity, monitoring, implementing activity and evaluating tasks also how to make innovation, intervention, diffusion, and development proposals.