A Board of Directors consisting of seven persons governs the organization that consists mostly of its founders. Board and ordinary members believe and fulfill their role and responsibilities on voluntarily basis. The smooth running of the organization activities, the origination’s by- laws guide the board and members.

The by- laws clarify the role and responsibilities of each member of the organization. The by- laws is developed and approved by the NOG Board of Directors and members. It is a loving document, which can be amended when deemed necessary. Besides the by- laws MIRRDO has its own policies & procedures covering the 7 areas of the organizational development. This includes; Governance, Management Practice, Human Resource, financial Management, Service Delivery, External Relation and Sustainability of programs (benefits). MIRRDO has also written and functional strategic plan.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors is the highest governing body of the organization whose duties and responsibilities include policy formation, Fund-raising, Lobbying and Advocacy, financial oversight, representation of constituency, decision making process and election of the chairperson and executive committee of the organization and meets every three months.